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Vancouver Community

Vancouver Apparel envisions to capture the soul of the City of Vancouver and build a large community of proud Vancouverites by uniting them with an experience of sporting their city. #ImVanFam is not simply a hashtag but a sign that we always stand together with the city and for the city.

The brand is represented by the Valleys and Mountains symbolized by the “V” and “A” but it speaks more than just that. It captures within the souls of the thousands who are proud to wear their colors, and to bring them closer to showcase our city to the world.


As a local brand, we are entwined with the city and everything it holds dear. We proudly represent Vancouver’s unique lifestyle and the loving kindness of people.

Everything we value comes from the city itself and today, we take you on a journey through Vancouver with a view that looks beyond the horizons of the skyscrapers. Let’s delve into the cultural, natural, social, and economical values of the City Of Vancouver.

Vancouver. The City of Dreams. 

At the heart of “Beautiful British Columbia” lies the picturesque city of Vancouver, known for its scenic beauty and cultural diversity. Located far Southwest of BC, the city is surrounded by the sea and mountains making it a famous tourist attraction and one of the best cities to live in Canada.

Now, everyone talks about the natural beauty, the scenic wonders, and warm weather but there's a lot more to the city than just the gift of nature. It’s true that nothing beats good living conditions but Vancouver is much beyond all of that. It embodies the complete life of a typical Vancouverite and the many different roles that we play in the society.

Canada Place 

The story begins from the coastal edges of Canada Place on the Vancouver Waterfront which separates the city from the hill regions known as North Vancouver. It’s the heart of Downtown Vancouver that welcomes the ships and cruise approaching the west coast. Canada Place houses the Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC), The World Trade Centre office Tower, Pan Pacific Hotel, and Flyover Canada.

It’s a famous landmark that hosts the largest Canada Day Celebration outside of the Capital and lights up during other occasions like Christmas, Vancouver Holiday Lights, National Aboriginal day, and other local festivals.

Stanley Park

As we bask in the beauty of Canada Place, the next stop right across is the Stanley Park maintained by the Stanley Park Ecology Society. Stanley park is Vancouver’s largest urban park that welcomes thousands of visitors who come to enjoy the rustic views of the west coast rainforests, mountains, beaches, skyline, trails and the famous Seawall.

It’s a delight for all ages and a perfect weekend spot for families to get close to nature and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city.

Downtown Vancouver

Moving away from nature and towards city life, we land on the busy concrete jungle of tall skyscrapers and what’s fondly known as the business centre of the city called Downtown Vancouver. Walking through the busy streets, with a swarm of office buildings and famous colleges like the Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Film School, and many others, looking down at us as we scour the most happening place in the city.

Outside of the busy work like, downtown is the home to a raucous nightlife scene flanked by night clubs, bars, hotels, pubs, Legal Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries, and live band performances at the Deco Commodore Ballroom.
During the day, it’s a shopping hub with many showrooms like the most notable Pacific Centre. We also pass through multiple luxury boutiques, high-end departmental stores, Value shops, Costco Wholesale, Cafes, Multicuisine restaurants, Food trucks and many casual lunch spots.   

Vancouver Nightlife

Vancouver Nightlife is diverse and goes all the way from hard partying clubs to more sophisticated Cocktail spots. It all begins in Downtown Vancouver. The area is spread over the Famous Five Communities of Chinatown, Yaletown, Gastown, Coal Harbour, and The West End.

The other hangout spots that are worth checking out are the English Bay, Robson street and the popular Neon-lit party hub known as the Granville Street.

Rogers Arena 

As we pass through the glittery streets of Downtown, we reach the Rogers Arena that hosts the biggest concerts and live shows in Vancouver. It’s home to the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Team and brings flocks of supporters who come and cheer their side. It’s a worthwhile experience to visit the place and bask in the wild, cheerful environment.

Granville Island     

Any story on Vancouver City is incomplete without a mention of the wildly popular Granville Island Shopping district. As we pass through Granville Street and go all the way down to the southend of the Granville Street Bridge we reach the Granville Island Public market. It’s the city’s biggest marketplace with over 300 businesses and shops operating on a daily basis.

Besides the public market, Granville Island is also a huge attraction for cultural activities with a host of Theatres, Craft studios, and Artisan workshops. It showcases the social aspect of the city and brings together people from all parts of Vancouver in one place.

Tech Industry

In the business front, Vancouver is slowly becoming the “Tech Hub” of Canada with many silicon valley giants in Seattle eyeing to expand into Canada.

Vancouver is the most populous city in BC with a host of talented individuals and a welcoming nature for talent from all over the world. People who live in Vancouver are happy and love to call it their home. Together, the residents of Vancouver contribute to the booming tech industry and attract many Multinational Companies to set up their base in different parts of the city.
Today, the city is home to some of the top names in technology such as Amazon, Microsoft, Shopify, SAP, Hootsuite, Salesforce, Slack, Fujitsu, and Thinkific. There are also many mid size companies contributing to the GDP of the city, making Vancouver one of the most successful cities in Canada.


When we talk about lifestyle, it only justifies the statement if we talk about the strong student community of Vancouver. University of British Columbia attracts students from all over the world who want to come to Canada and explore the culture here.

Besides UBC, there are multiple Public and Private colleges such as Langara, NYIT, BCIT, Brainstation, Lighthouse Labs, Tamwood, Vancouver Film School, Sprott Shaw, and many more that offer programs in different fields to all students from different countries. These colleges together contribute in imparting world class education to the future of Canada and creating new additions to the talented workforce of Vancouver and Canada.

The Film Industry 

Vancouver is proud to be the third largest Film and TV Production Centre in North America, with over 40 years of producing quality and innovation. Vancouver has an outstanding educational infrastructure when it comes to film studies and offers programs in film production, acting, distribution, marketing, VFX, and graphic design.

Many Hollywood movies and TV Shows like Deadpool, Star Trek, Predator, Planet Of The Apes, Supernatural, The Flash, X-Files, and many more are filmed in Vancouver. The Film Industry has created more than 42000 jobs for Vancouverites and is an important part of our culture.

Vancouver Apparel: The Global Community Of Vancouverites  

Vancouver is proud of its diversity and getting people closer from different communities. The most notable features of the city is its cultural diversity, friendly people, warm weather, scenic beauty, and the rapidly booming Tech Industry.

The Luscious lifestyle, Growth mindset, Friendly attitude, Culture, Casual living conditions, Closeness to Nature, and Love for Sports is what defines Vancouver and makes it the most liveable city in Canada. And we are proud of it!

Vancouver Apparel celebrates and respects this global diversity enclosed within this beautiful city and the different values that we share with each and every Vancouverite.

#ProudVancouverite #ShowcaseYourCity #ImVanFam

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