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Craft Roasted In British Columbia

VA Premium Roast Coffee.
VA Premium Roast Coffee.
VA Premium Roast Coffee.

VA Premium Roast Coffee.


This multiple award-winning coffee is Craft Roasted in BC by Oughtred Crest.

The coffee beans are grown in the micro-region of Hoja Blanca (White Flower), Huehuetenango by Juan Villatoro, and his family. The area is absolutely ideal for growing Red Bourbon cultivars where the coffee receives the perfect balance of sun, shade, and rainfall at the perfect elevation and grown in incredibly rich soil conditions.

Juan and his family have been producing quality coffees for over three generations and in fact, are one of the very few lineages to achieve a top ten cup of excellence award at over 75% of the competitions held in Guatemala. This coffee is Juan and his son's "special micro-lot".

ORIGINHoja Blanca, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
TASTING NOTES: Peach, caramel, tangerine

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Our Story

We are a local brand that stands for inclusivity and community. Our team at Vancouver Apparel decided to include a local favourite within our product offerings, coffee!

Coffee is a major part of BC and is close to the hearts of so many Vancouverites. We went to great depths to discover the perfect blend of coffee beans that are craft roasted in BC to bring our community closer.

#SupportLocal #ShowcaseyourCity

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Craft Roasted in BC.

Our mission is to unite Vancouverites. With this selection of premium coffee beans we aim to provide the perfect conditions to start off your day with the authentic and unique taste of locally brewed coffee. 

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Medium Roast.

Specially dried and roasted in BC, the Coffee capital of Canada.

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Fabulous Flavours

Premium tasting notes including peach, caramel. and tangerine.

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Cup Of Excellence Award

Won the prestigious award in Guatemala for the best grown coffee

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